dana tabu edc spray (w)

Dana Tabu EDC Spray (W)

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    Carol Williams
    I love Tabu

    I was very happy to find Tabu again as it’s no where in my town. The service getting it and receiving it was great. Thank you

    Susan Barr

    Large sized bottle, beautiful design, smells great! Arrived really quickly as well.

    Lois White

    Love Tabu
    My favourite


    Dana Tabu EDC Spray (W)

    15 years old when introduced to TABU

    When I was fifteen years old, my aunt gifted me a bottle of TABU for my birthday. Auntie wore TABU for years, and I loved the fragrance.
    I'm a fair bit older now, and TABU is and has been the only eau de cologne I wear. I always get complemented on how lovely I smell. One day helping out at the clothing store, a gentleman entered, I greeted him with a hello, can I help you with what your shopping today for. He said he was just browsing. a short while later he came up to where I was standing, and with misty eyes said, " that's TABU you are wearing, correct?" I of course answered, yes it is TABU. with a tears he said, "Thank you for the memories". He went on to say he had just lost his beloved wife, and TABU was the only scent she wore. He was glad to know other women loved TABU also. MADE MY DAY. Why it is not sold at London Drugs, or any other place. really upset me. Imagine how elated I was when I found a bottle in my Christmas stocking. My hubby searched everywhere to find it. So glad he found this site. Now I get a bottle in my stocking, and a bottle for my birthday!!! PLEASE DO NOT STOP CARRYING my beloved TABU.