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Was not sure about this one at first, but after I wore it a few times I found that it agreed with me nicely. Versatile, masculine, performance is very good. Glad I got this one.


I love this product, Prada Candy is even more addicting then the name it’s named for.
It’s my favourite and I usually go through 2 bottles a year sparingly
I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted a few as well
Many compliments when wearing

Good alternative for Givenchy Play Intense

I used to wear Givenchy Play Intense, this isnt exact but its pretty close if you like that scent for sure give this one a try its a touch sweeter but all the same notes are there.


Shipping: fast delivery location montreal took 3 days

Fragrance: bois 1920 oltremare smell like the Mediterranean sea. If you never been there, buy bois 1920 oltremare. Fresh fragrance longevity 5-6hours. To use during summer time beach club etc. You will smell like vacation.

All around great experience

Got an awesome perfume, great price and quick delivery. Will order again!

Lalique Encre Noire A L'Extreme (No Cellophane) 100ML EDP Spray (M)

Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray (M)

Beautiful Citrus Fragrance

This is the aroma of Italy. An absolutely stunning scent. Long lasting and great for the summer.

Versace Eros (Pure Parfum Edition) Gift Set - 100ML EDP Spray + 75G Deodorant Stick + 10ML Mini Spray (Men)

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense (M)

Givenchy Gentleman (Eau De Parfum Edition) EDP Spray (M)

Excellent buy

Best perfume on the market

Amazing smell

Loving it

Nice fragrance always been a favorite so hard to switch

Fresh, floral, wonderful!

One of my favourites; fresh, floral, not overpowering, feels luxurious.

Calvin Klein Obsession & Euphoria

Was able to get 2 perfumes that I love for the same price I would pay for 1 bottle at the local drugstore. How can you go wrong. Hassle free ordering & fast shipping. You can’t go wrong!

My long standing favourite.

Have been using this for years.


Beautiful packaging and bottle. It smells 99% like Jessica Simpsons "Fancy". Has ZERO lasting power. I'm talking gone in minutes. Paid $89 for nothing. Waste. I could have bought something nicer. BTW Jessica Simpsons Fancy smells like burnt caramel and bug spray. I love my perfumes and have many high end but dipped my toe into something less expensive and I got bit. 😅 I didn't want to spend $150-$200+ but at least the quality is there. So very Disappointed in Illicit by Jimmy Choo and Fancy too. Don't mean to be a downer but truth needs to be told.

Love this scent

I find many perfumes smell like talcum powder. I always associate that smell with my grandma!
I also am not a fan of overly fruity or sweet smells... Like your walking into body shop and it's so sweet smelling.

I wanted a signature scent that wasn't over powering nor too sweet/fruity.

This perfume is perfect. I've been using it for years and am glad I found it available again!!
I would describe the scent as *slightly* floral and musky/woody. Very soft. I would highly recommend!

Powdery warmth

Just lovely for the winter


It was a blind by smells really nice I don't like flowery I like sweet grandma and spicy and this is perfect for sweet and powdery